GreenDrop Charitable Donations

GreenDrop Charitable Donations



GreenDrop is an organization selected by the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the National Federation of the Blind to raise funds through the generation and collection of donated clothing and household items. These items are converted into critical dollars needed to assist those organizations in their mission to support American veterans and the nation’s visually impaired.

Tax-deductible donations of clothing and household items collected by GreenDrop, on behalf of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and the National Federation of the Blind, are sold by the charities to thrift stores such as 2nd Ave, and Village Thrift. Proceeds from the sale of the donated goods to the thrift stores by the charities exceeded $2.25 million during 2012 – supporting charitable programs in diverse communities.


Be Wise was contracted by Rain to lead the development of the GreenDrop Charitable Donations website. We collaborated with Rain, a local creative agency, and their team of designers and developers to build the responsive website based on PSD documents and specifications given for desktop, tablet, and mobile. We leveraged Bootstrap.js for interactivity and built each page with clean HTML and CSS. We also interfaced directly with the client to clarify specifications in order to deliver the highest quality results.


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