Managed Solutions, LLC

Managed Solutions, LLC

Managed Solutions, LLC


Managed Solutions, LLC is a strategic consulting & communications company. Managed Solutions, LLC combines 30 years of experience in Health Economics, Payer Research, and Managed Market Analytics, for the healthcare industry. They help health plans get to know pharmaceutical companies’ products better.


The goal of this project was to improve the image of Managed Solutions, LLC online. The previous MSLLC site was created with tables and had many pain-points. With this iteration, we improved upon almost all of these points, in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the end-user across browsers and devices.

In order to create a great, new experience for the user, we took into account the needs of mobile devices, tablets, and desktops alike. The site was created with intent for use in all the modern browsers, including IE8, as much of this particular industry uses IE8.

The project began with preliminary market research, including discussions about the target audience and overviews of current site analytics, as well as a competitive analysis.

We then created new brand assets including a new vector logo illustration (implemented as SVG on the site with PNG fallback), new fonts, and improved colors. We also acquired photography and designed a fresh icon set for usage throughout the site.

Once the assets were created, we created photoshop mockups with stock photography and placeholder text.

The new site was developed with WordPress, making it simple for the client to upload new items to the site and change current images and verbiage throughout the site. The site child-theme was created on the Twenty-Thirteen theme foundation, with a completely custom homepage. In using WordPress, we were able to improve the usability of the site, the ability to iterate, and the ability to track usage through analytics using Jetpack. It was created to be a fully responsive website, and coded with CSS3 and HTML5.


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